$750.00 CAD


Inspired by our love of portraiture, the Portrait Chair is more than just a seat, it's compassionately considered and empathetically refined. It's meticulously crafted to reflect our love for portraiture and the captivating stories that unfold when one spends time in a chair. Much like portrait photography, which seeks to encapsulate the essence of its subject, our chair aspires to provide a timeless seat, creating your unique narrative through the amalgamation of person and furniture.

Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese technique for decorative and architectural wood burning that has been practiced for centuries. This traditional method of wood preservation involves deliberately charring the wood to produce a textured surface that is beautiful to the eye and the touch.


Lead Times

Each Woyote piece completely unique and handmade with considered craftsmanship and attention to detail. Consequently, all our products are exclusively made-to-order within the confines of our workshop in Toronto. This meticulous process ensures that you receive an item that is not only unique to you but also embodies the finest materials and highest quality of work we hold ourselves to and are known for. 

Due to each piece being made to order, the fulfillment of your order spans over 6-10 weeks after confirmation. This time frame encompasses the careful and deliberate crafting of your product. Each piece undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it exceeds our standards before it becomes your own. We also embrace and respect the natural details of the materials we use which can result in a slight variance across each piece. 

As a people and a brand we believe that good things take time, and this personalized approach guarantees that the item you receive is not just a purchase but an item built to last.


All our products are thoughtfully designed to be flat-packable, streamlining the shipping process without compromising on our commitment to quality. Assembling your Woyote piece requires only a single household tool. This reflects our dedication to making high-quality, handmade, and sustainable goods not just an investment but also easily accessible.

Due to the distinctive nature of our products, we currently do not offer standard shipping rates. However, we do offer free delivery in the GTA.

For those who prefer shipping, we encourage you to contact us via our form here or email us directly at hello@woyote.ca This allows us to engage with you personally and discuss tailored shipping options that best suit your needs.

For order Inquiries please contact HELLO@WOYOTE.CA