A Seat with a Story

We have named our chair, 'The Portrait Chair.' More than just a seat, it's compassionately considered and empathetically refined; meticulously crafted to reflect our love for portraiture and the captivating stories that unfold when one spends time in a chair. Much like portrait photography, which seeks to encapsulate the essence of its subject, our chair aspires to provide a timeless seat, creating your unique narrative through the amalgamation of person and furniture.

  • Ergonomic Considerations and Sustainable Craftsmanship

    The Portrait Chair has been ergonomically constructed, ensuring a neutral posture and optimal comfort over extended periods. Crafted from red oak – a robust, sustainable, and indigenous wood species in Canada – the chair's seat, backrest, and bottom stretcher embody a heritage feel. We envision the wood aging gracefully, transforming the chair into a cherished heirloom we hope to be passed on.

  • Thoughtful Design for Accessibility

    We have made the Portrait Chair flat-packable, simplifying shipping and delivery. Assembling the chair requires only a single household tool, emphasizing our dedication to making high-quality, handmade, and sustainable goods more accessible. In a world saturated with products encouraging a throwaway culture, we are on a mission to revive intentional purchasing. We aim to restore faith in the longevity of products, envisioning each purchase as an investment meant to be passed down through generations.

  • Reigniting Trust: Quality, Beauty, and Longevity

    In an era where trust in product longevity has declined, we strive to rekindle that trust through our commitment to quality. Our handmade goods, are functional, designed to work for you and grow with you. We believe in creating products built to last and without sacrificing beauty.

  • Ownership

    Recognizing the profound impact of personalization, our frames offer both pre-finished and customizable Farrow & Ball paint options.  This allows individuals to paint the chair according to their preferences, fostering a deeper sense of ownership. In involving our customers in the design process, we aim to create not just a chair, but a personalized piece of functional art that becomes an integral part of their space and story.