Founded by William & Lauren, Woyote is a made to order furniture company based in Toronto. We make honest and functional furniture that promises practicality and generational longevity utilizing sustainable Canadian materials. In addition to our collection of small-batch products, we design and produce custom furnishings for interior and commercial spaces.

Elegant furnishings, empathetically refined; designed with compassion by people, for people.


    Our approach is rooted in hand-to-table craftsmanship compassionately utilizing trusted materials and honest processes to produce sincere furniture with classic elements built to last lifetimes.


    We design consciously, embracing our interpretation of modern ergonomic proportion and utilize materials indigenous to Canada such as Canadian Oak.

    Each piece is designed to last and is hand-built using locally and ethically sourced, kiln-dried Ontario hardwoods.


    We design with great empathy, harnessing materials through vetted processes to ensure the result is functional, multi-purpose, and answers with intention.